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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 26, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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jason: it will start making its way in late tomorrow, mainly monday morning. once it does, that should stack up. not just the snow, some gusty wind, as well as the potential for ice. some of us could pick up a quarter inch or more. i will break that down. 34 right now, we have the clouds -- we have had them for a while. i have heard a lot of people crying for sunshine. it will take a bit to get here. just inundated with the fluffy stuff right now. rain is successful in extreme southern portions, though it will not make its way much farther north tonight. still some light, patchy fog. by and large, just talking clouds and cool temperatures. wind chill nearing single digits, low 20's elsewhere. and a quick look at the winter storm watch we have from monday
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travel plans on monday, keep your eye on the weather. it could get really difficult at times. tomorrow is not bad. we do start off with the gusty winds, warming up to 32 by noon. i will have much more on the timing and the breakdown, how much snow or ice you can expect, coming up. laura: breaking news, at least three confirmed tornados touched down in north texas. police in garland say four people were killed during the storms. there's been extensive damage done to homes, a church, and vehicles -- stretching from garland, about 20 miles northeast of dallas, to glenn heights, about 20 miles south of the city. a six-year-old girl from webster city is now dead. and kcci's rose heaphy explains how she has been on life support since a car crash on christmas day. difficult time for payton henry's family. they were just minutes away from celebrating christmas with other relatives, when everything changed in an instant. fiery aftermath of a now deadly crash in fort dodge.
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jeep traveling eastbound on highway d-20 drifted across the center lane and hit a truck head-on. in the truck were justin henry, brooke ford, and their three children -- on their way to celebrate christmas. six-year-old payton henry was sitting behind the driver's seat. jana: she was eating a tootsie roll. and when the crash occurred, it had gotten lodged. brooke, the mother, did perform cpr before help arrived. rose: an ambulance drove payton to blank children's hospital in des moines. jana bartlett, payton's great-aunt, says the girl suffered a broken neck and went on life support. jana: she lights up a room. and to see her this way is just awful. rose: saturday evening, the smiling six-year-old passed away. jana: it's absolutely unbelievable, absolutely devastating, to see this family going through all of this. rose: payton's parents and her two younger siblings are still dealing with injuries of their own.
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than $14,000 of donations. jana: we can't thank everyone enough for all their support through this absolutely awful time. rose: the driver of the jeep is still in fair condition at trinity regional hospital in fort dodge. state patrol officials say the crash is still under investigation, and charges are pending. in studio, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. laura: and right now, six people are being treated at area hospitals after a two-car accident in perry. it happened around 1:15 this afternoon on highway 141 and 8th street. five people at the scene were immediately taken to the hospital. witnesses say a man asked them for a ride, but then ran into a nearby apartment. perry police found the man and took him into custody. authorities believe he was intoxicated. they say he was bleeding from the head and acting combative. he was taken to a des moines hospital. no word on the conditions of anyone involved at this time, or if any charges will be filed. right now, the newton police are asking for your help locating this girl. 12-year-old charlene brown is
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police say she is 5 feet, 2 inches tall and about 135 pounds. charlene has brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing white and blue flannel pajamas. she is believed to be with non-custodial family. if you have any information, please call newton police at 641-791-0850. a former lottery official, is now under investigation in maine. officials in maine have forwarded the names of hot lotto game winners to iowa, to see if eddie tipton has any connections to the winners. tipton is facing charges in five states for fixing lotteries. tipton worked as the head of security for the des moines-based multi-state lottery association. that includes lotteries in 37 states, as well as puerto rico and the virgin islands. so far, there's no evidence to link tipton to maine. coming up january 1st, a new state program launches. it's called the "safe at home" program. it allows survivors of sexual abuse, domestic abuse,
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substitute a street address on public documents, such as a driver's license or utility bill. that mail will be delivered to the secretary of state's office, and then forwarded to the participant's confidential address. you can sign up for the program online. a cedar falls native who lost all his limbs while serving in afghanistan has to come up with a new plan, after a zoning request to build a new home was denied. the cedar falls planning and zoning commission voted against taylor morris' plan to build a new house on undeveloped land. the veteran wanted to build on land considered agricultural and needed special zoning permission. he lost both his arms and legs from an ied bomb in may of 2012 and wanted to build a home with specially-designed features. well, the day after christmas started with light rain in the metro. but that did not mean people stayed home. the malls were a very popular place to be. and here at jordan creek in west des moines, the majority of people were walking the mall for one of two reasons -- returning
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advantage of the post-christmas day sales. and with some sales as much as 50-75% off, being at the mall today may have paid off. kathy: actually, there are some deals, because i've done some exchanges and gotten money back. so, i found it was a better thing to do it early. and there is still product here. so, when we do the exchange or do the return, there is stuff i do want, and i've got a few dollars back. so, i am all about it. laura: and the eager shoppers were at jordan creek when the morning. and if you are already looking to get rid of your christmas tree, metro waste authority will through january 8th. trees should have a green "compost it" sticker. you can buy those at many grocery or hardware stores. the trees will be picked up on your regular garbage pickup day. and instead of throwing your tree on the curb this year, why not give it to the goats? the hungry animals from "goats on the go" will eat your tree
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the goats work as part of a weed-clearing service during the summer. but co-owner aaron steele says they don't get much dietary variety in the winter. so, the old trees will help with that. the christmas tree munching event is called "goats on the snow." it will be held at 3892 north 500th avenue in ames on january 2nd, from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. well, dozens gathered in west des moines to celebrate the first day of kwanzaa. kwanzaa is the african-american celebration of unity and family. during the ceremony, a facilitator explained the history of the holiday, and what each day means, in swahili. people honored the day by singing songs and sharing a drink together. cynthia: it's just a way of revisiting that. so, it's not just seven days of out the year, but that it's 365 days of kwanzaa and 365 days of those seven principles. laura: people in des moines have been celebrating kwanzaa since the early 70's.
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january 1st. well, bracing for another round, the already battered south hit with flooding and tornadoes. what they are expecting in the coming days. plus, it blew up at the box offices, setting new records in the first weekend. john pascuzzi finds out if "star wars" the force awakens" lives up to the hype.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. laura: back to breaking news, right now, death and destruction is being reported from tornadoes that have swept through north texas. four people are confirmed dead in vehicle accidents near the intersection of two major highways in garland, east of dallas. a tornado is reported to have gone through the suburb, damaging several homes. another reported to the east of dallas, setting a trailer park on fire. a wildfire in ventura county, california that started last night has spread to 1200 acres. nearly 100 homes have been evacuated, and parts of a major highway were shut down. this is what christmas night looked like. the fire, fanned by gusty winds traveling 15-20 miles per hour,
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miles per hour. mandatory evacuations were in place for some beach residents, and a voluntary evacuation notice has gone out for people in neighboring areas. and rescuers found the bodies of three more storm victims in the south, where tornadoes killed at least 22 people this week. in alabama, where another twister touched down christmas night, nearly 200 roads are closed due to flooding. and the south-central u.s. faces everything from more tornadoes to blizzard conditions. mark strassmann is in mississippi with the latest. kenya: you cannot live like that, sweetheart. mark: kenya williams is both heartbroken and thankful. her brick home since childhood has lost its roof and half its walls. but she has perspective. 10 mississippi residents were killed by the christmas week tornadoes. six of them were her neighbors. kenya: my 72-year-old blind, disabled dad was in this house when the tornado hit. so, for him to come out with
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head, on his forehead, with no broken bones, not severely hurt -- didn't have to go to the icu. i'm good with that. mark: in northern alabama, flash-flooding was a threat all day. on christmas night, a twister struck birmingham, the state's biggest city. kenya: then, all of a sudden, the glass in the windows just broke out. mark: since christmas eve, unseasonably warm weather across the south has fueled killer storms. thousands of victims in tennessee, arkansas, and georgia spent their saturday cleaning up. kenya: that is not even part of my house. matt: what williams found scattered and shredded everywhere was a lifetime of memories. kenya: i mean, they'll live within me forever. but just all the memories of me growing up here -- family times, the thanksivings and christmases. mark: williams told me her family plans to rebuild on this spot. the tornado took their house, but this is home. mark strassmann, cbs news, lamar, mississippi. laura: now, let's get a check on the local forecast.
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could be a record-breaking snow. right? jason: there he will could be, talking multiple inches -- some spots over half of a foot. really going to depend on the track, going to go over that in a couple of minutes. right now, not a lot going on, as far as rain or snow. still seeing snow removal to the south, as the system passes eastward. we do have an area of pressure helping to keep this batch at bay. it is also helping to ramp up wind, gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour. even though we are not that cold as far as air temperature, the feels like temperatures are in the teens -- nearing single digits off to the northwest. low-to-mid 30's, which is still above our average high of 31 degrees for this time of year
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that winter storm warning for the entire state, chances for significant snowfall, as well as rain and icing to go along with that. the whole bag making its way our direction. not tomorrow, though. could see sunshine before it sets, we climb to 32 degrees. a whole degree above average. check out this low, we have a chance of seeing that snow make its way in mainly sunday evening into monday morning. this is the area of high pressure that is trying to fend off the precipitation, you see futurecast tries to clear us out completely. that would be wonderful, actually see a little sunshine. i don't think we see nearly clear skies, and you can see a bit of a mix. those lines close together, those are very strong winds to go along with that.
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icing to make its way into iowa. taking a more detailed look at the timing of this thing, precipitation stays off to the south. not hazardous today or tomorrow. even into the evening, besides the cloud cover, look at the late evening into the early morning. we pick up the mix to the south, which could lead to icing and snow. and we could see a couple of inches by the morning commute, especially by the evening commute. as of this begins to shift north and east, it is moving pretty quick -- puts on quite a punch as far as snowfall, some of us seeing upwards of half a foot. i would not be surprised if some spots see 10 inches. it will greatly depend on the track of the low, if we see that shift more to the northwest, it could take the heavier snow band with it. if it goes to the southeast, it
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not totally certain, but you can see what it is putting down -- that huge swath of over seven inches. even spots that are not seeing snow, you could be in for a healthy dosing of ice, about a quarter of an inch or more. no matter what time you are going on monday, please pay attention to the road conditions. we will have the weather for you here, some pretty treacherous road travel. could see a little bit of drizzle, wind chill is in the low 20's. tomorrow is 32, building cloud cover throughout the day. not that comfortable with the wind, 15-20 miles per hour. still feels like upper teens to the upper 20's. as we head to the evening, we start to drive in that moisture from the south. a significant system early in the day on monday could see lingering effects on tuesday. but check out what happens
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for low digit lows on friday morning. we don't recover much next weekend. laura: the seventh film of the series is raking in big numbers at the box office. but is it as good as the original "star wars?"
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wars: the force awakens," coming
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awakens" had the largest north american debut ever. the film brought in $238 million in ticket sales its debut weekend. so, was it worth it? john pascuzzi tells us if the seventh movie of the series was a good idea. john: you know, it's been the most anticipated, and perhaps most-hyped, film of the millennium. it's "star wars, the force awakens." taking place some 30 years after "the return of the jedi," the dark forces are once again rising up to take over the empire. now, it's an era of new heroes, new villains, and some old, familiar faces, who return to battle the dark side in an intergalactic show down that will determine not only the fate of the universe, but also the fate of mankind, itself.
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>> follow me. >> i think i need this. john: yes, harrison ford is back, along with carrie fisher and mark hamill, who join new forces daisy ridley and john boyega, to make this seventh film in the series exhilarating and entertaining. director j.j. abrams has taken a page from the original "star wars" playbook and put heart, humor, and fun back in the franchise, not to mention some reveals that set up the next two films in this new trilogy. "star wars: the force awakens" -- the force re-awakens is more like it. for kcci 8 news, this is john pascuzzi at the movies. laura: and next week, will smith stars as the neurosurgeon who takes on the mighty national football league in "concussion." we are off. the first of kcci staff is on their way to the rose bowl. a lot of fun stuff going on. here is mel and al, two of our engineers. they have to drive our satellite
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work around the clock, and not to mention, drive it back, when it's are all said and done. we hope they have a lot of fun out there. tony?
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. tony: welcome back. this is a phrase you have heard before. i'm going to disneyland! usually, it is a bit of a joke. the hawkeyes took the pads off and spent the day at disneyland. they were first introduced with mickey and goofy on hand, of course. one of the many different activities they will be partaking in as game day approaches. the rest of the hawks are soaking it in. kirk: we are really excited about this whole thing. our players play hard all season long, really competed well since last january. and to have this opportunity to play in the best bowl game there
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as a coach, i am really excited. >> we had practice and got that working, now we can enjoy some free time. it will be fun to enjoy disneyland with the teammates and coaches. tony: after they're done rubbing elbows with goofy and micky, it's time to get down to work. step one, slow down christian mccaffery. the sophomore has been lighting up the stat sheet and is one of the best running backs in the country. but mccaffery is just the tip of the iceberg for this stanford team. the cardinal are near the top of pretty much every statistical category in the pac-12. and so, the hawks know they need to be sharp on both sides of the ball. george: a fantastic team, pac-12 champs. they do a lot of good things on defense come a fantastic on offense. it will be a good game, you know. two teams that do similar things, they are going to run the ball, we will run the ball. it will be a great game. tevaun: it is no different now.
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and that is what we like. we like to prove people wrong, and we will be ready for stanford. tony: we are almost there. kcci is headed out early next week. andy, scott, eric, and steve will all be making the trip to pasadena. you can see their coverage, starting on tuesday. and the moment -- the big game, the rose bowl. the game is at 4:00 on new year's day from pasadena, on espn. iowa won't have their bowl game until january 1st. of course, the waterfall of bowl games has already begun across the country. let us jump right into it. tulsa taking on virginia tech in the independence bowl. tulsa's dangelo brewer, 48 yards to the house to start the scoring. but back comes virginia tech. travon mcmillian, 51 yards to hit paydirt. high-scoring game.
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this fourth down conversion to keep the game alive. virginia tech does it. they go on to win a close one, 55-52. earlier today, duke and indiana in the pinstripe bowl. that's shaun wilson. finds an opening, and he's gone. duke led early. back come the hooisers. nate sudfeld tosses it up to luke timian, and indy is on the board. back and forth we go. that is thomas sirk on the quarterback draw. huge run, this one was a back and forth battle. indy needs this field goal to force more overtime. mrs. it by a hair. the duke blue devils go on to win it, 34-31. miami taking on washington state in the sun bowl. not exactly sunny out there today. early on, luke falk connects with jamaal morrow, who does the rest. look at him tight rope walk on the sideline. that is good for the touchdown.
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brad kaaya, four-yard touchdown pass to stacy coley. that makes it 7-7. how about this play? miami going to the end zone and picked off. washington state wins it, 20-14. over miami. how about one more? washington against southern mississippi in the zaxby's heart of dallas bowl. sure, why not. nick mullens to michael thomas, who goes 56 yards for the touchdown. then, coach cannot believe it. jaydon mickens. keep your eye on the top of the screen. cuts it back and goes the distance. washington wins it, 44-31. that is your final. wells fargo arena returned to the hardwood tonight. maine in town, taking on the energy. that's making me dizzy. jump to the first quarter, iowa up. how about the and-1 by lazeric
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the no-looker. just tosses it up there. the energy are loving it. maine the other way, coron williams from three-point land. this one was a high-scoring one. as usual. red claws win, 101-90. and the iowa wild struggling so far, trying to right the ship on the road tonight, the wild take on chicago. 2-1 is your final there, back
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